About Us

About us

Our goal at Avenue Dental Specialty Group in Stittsville West is your perfect smile and lasting dental health. From the opening of our office in the fall of 2021 our mission has been to make our patients happy by improving their dental (and general) health.

Who We Are

Avenue Dental Specialty Group in the Stittsville West area offers state of the art treatment. We believe in multi-disciplinary approach to all dental treatments and our goal is to offer patient-specific, comprehensive treatment to our patients.

Perfect Smile Stittsville


Avenue Dental Specialty Group strives to carry out the mission of working towards the betterment of the patient care as well as elevate the profession of dentistry.

  • To perform as a leading dental unit that exceeds the expectations of our patients
  • Excel in providing specialized, comprehensive and innovative treatment based on patient specific needs
  • Excel in providing multi-disciplinary treatment approach for all our patients
  • Develop, apply and share latest trends, practices and technologies in dentistry
  • Excel in providing access to affordable dental care


Avenue Dental Specialty Group strives to become an industry leader by providing the best treatment to our patients, staff and all the dental community of practitioners we serve. Our inspiration lies in not only providing effective treatment but also crafting a great smile.

We believe in effective teamwork and all our staff and dentists Stittsville are equal partners of the success we have achieved as a team.

Our values

We strive to provide you with the best service and care possible. This means setting the possible highest standards for ourselves. We hope that our standards are reflected in the work we do.

Our core values are the foundation that allows us to be able to adhere to those standards. We want to share them with you and invite you to judge us by them. Our core values are:

Integrity: Any medical field requires a high level of moral and professional standards. Our dentists and staff abide by these standards and will always communicate honestly and respectfully with you. After all, you are willing to put your health into our hands. This is a responsibility we will never take lightly.

Teamwork: Every office requires teamwork to function and excel. A dentist’s office is no different. Every member our staff is an integral part in our success – and they all provide a different service that contributes in your positive experience.

Quality: We believe in quality. From the quality provided by good service that enables you easy access to one of our dentists and appointment scheduling or re-scheduling, to the quality of our treatments: we strive to be the best at what we do.

Do you have any questions or want to know more about us? Feel free to reach out and contact us today.